Richard Leung
Richard Leung
dissection + reintegration + relation

Richard Leung

dissection + reintegration + relation

+852 96157751

About Me

I am a 19-year old A level graduate awaiting undergraduate education at the Architectural Association(AA) in September.

My pieces question the relationship between us and the environment; how we relate to the environment and how the environment relates to us.

A core part of my pieces is dissection and reintegration of an object to explore the inner meaning of objects that would otherwise have been left unknown.

I am unafraid to explore different techniques and mediums in my art pieces as can be seen from the variety of works in this portfolio.

Feel free to contact me, my contact is information is located on the top-right corner of this website. Enjoy!


2004-2007 St Joseph's Institution (Singapore)

2007 Asian-Pacific LaSallian Youth Congress (secretariat and logo-designer)

2008-2009 Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Singapore)

2008 Internship at Hiladt Architects LLP

2010- AA School of Architecture
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